Our Objective

Our Objective is to produce High Quality Services and Products to the community and surrounding areas, as well as on-time delivery.


What can we do?

First of all, our objective is to focus on your design needs and keep the costs minimal.

In addition, with our industrial equipment, we can sew just about anything  you request.


How do we arrive at our prices?

Since we conduct time studies, we can focus on the actual time it takes to produce a product.

And we try and keep our overhead at a minimum, so that savings can be passed down to you.


How do we approach Customer Service?

Without you, we have no business or customer service.

As a result, Customer Service is our #1 Priority!

In addition, we strive to develop a long-term relationship with you.


What is our end Goal?

In conclusion, we strive to manufacture and/or produce a product with zero defects and on time delivery.


The best part of our Job is Making You Happy with a finished product!



Donna Cutshall


Owner and Head Seamtress