Industrial sewing manufacturing services

We are a textile manufacturer specializing in Contract Sewing operating in Colorado
utilizing Industrial Machines.
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What does a contract sewing manufacturer do?

As a contract sewing manufacturer, we will bring your idea from prototype to sampling stages all the way to production. We will manufacture your product for you based on your specifications and materials. We have the ability to bring high quality American made goods to market. This gives you and the customer less shipping and freight costs. We can meet face to face and you can have more involvement during the production process.

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What are our production levels?

We have no minimum or maximum production levels. However, smaller production runs will cost more per unit than larger runs over 300.

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What are our procedures?

After talking or emailing with a customer, we will set a time to meet with you to review drawings, and specification sheets, samples, etc. At this time, we can decide if we are able to manufacture the product for you. Once we have the quantities requested to manufacture, we will then quote you a price per unit. When a customer approves our quote we will usually make an initial “size and workmanship” sample for your review. This sample may not be the exact materials as in the final product. Once approved – we will need you to issue us a purchase order. We will make a final pre-production sample once all the materials are received. Once a second sample is approved, a 50% deposit is required. At this time, we can finalize product completion dates. Remaining payment (less the deposit) is due upon completion of the first production run.

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Do we have quality inspections?

We inspect all items as we sew/produce them. We also inspect final pieces to make sure we are providing consistent quality.

What our clients say about our sewing: