Upholstry prototyping

Sewing prototype development services

Prototyping is taking the design from the imaginary realm into the physical world.

The prototyping process


Knowledge Transfer

We assist you with transferring your creative idea from your head onto paper. If you already have sketches or blueprints bring them to your first appointment.


Material Selection

We help you choose the perfect material. Whether it's fabric, leather, vinyl, foam etc. If it can be sewn we can make it.


Physical Prototype

After receiving the materials, we produce a first sample.


Review Product

We meet to review the physical prototype and make any alterations needed. We'll repeat the process until the desired final product is achieved.


What does it cost to have a prototype developed?

Since we charge by the hour during the development of your prototype, you will want to keep your creative idea simple. Build the one basic feature that you want people to identify with your product. Let's do it quickly so we can get early feedback and get your product on the market.

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How long does it take to produce a prototype?

Prototyping can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to create a first draft depending on materials provided and complexity of design. Obtaining a real, functional prototype is the fastest and sometimes the only way to sell your invention to buyers.

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If I decide to have a prototype developed, what is the process?

The first step to develop your creative idea is to set up an appointment. That's when we'll take your creative idea from your head and get it onto paper. If you have already put your creative idea on paper and need help with the design, then send us your sketches, blueprints, or sample and we will assist you along the way. Once a design has been achieved, we will begin the process of selecting materials. After receiving the materials, the next step is to produce a first sample. Then we will set up a meeting to discuss the first sample and make any alterations needed. We will then produce a second sample if necessary and repeat the process until you are satisfied with the final product sample.

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How do I go about selecting materials?

After our initial meeting, we will know what type of materials to start looking for. We will help you find the materials at a lower cost through a wholesale distributor and provide this information to you.

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