Furniture Upholstery Service

Furniture Upholstery services

We offer furniture upholstery and repair services on most furniture as well as a few other items.
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What is furniture upholstery fabric?

Upholstery Fabric is the part of an upholstered piece that will show the most wear and soil. Therefore, when choosing an upholstery fabric, you should be aware of its durability, how it’s cleaned, and resistance to fading and soil. Furthermore, if your piece is subject to daily heavy wear, you should choose tough and tightly woven fabrics.

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What does furniture reupholstering cost?

The cost depends on many factors including the style of the furniture, repairs, and fabric cost. As a result, purchasing heavy duty fabric can cost from $38-$120 per yard since it can exceed 50,000 double rubs (heavy duty).


What is the first step to reupholstering my furniture?

Email us a photo of your piece with a description of the item and how you would like your piece reupholstered. Upon receipt of your photo, we will offer you a rough estimate with fabric and labor. This is just a rough estimate since we cannot determine how the seating feels with a picture.

**We may need to see the piece in person before determining your cost and whether or not we are able to do the job.


If I am happy with the free rough estimate and want to proceed with the job, what is the next step?

Set up an appointment, then we will arrange delivery. Choose a few fabric options and we can get samples for you. Then we will determine is what repairs are needed such as springs, foam, dacron, or cotton. We will also need to factor in the cost of adding nails, channels, tufting, cording, matching patterns, etc. We will measure the furniture to determine yardage of fabric and supplies needed to reupholster your furniture. We will give you a final estimate and collect a down payment to cover the cost of the materials.

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How long does it take to order fabric and reupholster my piece of furniture?

It will take an average of two to three weeks depending on the piece.

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What if I want to use my own fabric?

You are welcome to use your own fabric, but there will be no warranty on your provided fabric. Additionally, there is a fee for cutting your own selected fabric depending on the type of fabric.

What are the advantages of reupholstering my furniture over buying a new piece?

There are several reasons to consider reupholstering rather than buying new. If your furniture is antique, your preferred quality or style is no longer available, or if it holds sentimental value, you may want to consider having us reupholster it for you. You may also want to choose this option If your furniture is extremely comfortable, fits your body, and fits the style of your home or room. In addition, you can change the style and color to match your newly remodeled room. Reupholstering your furniture is not necessarily a cheaper alternative, but it will be your furniture designed exactly the way… You Want It!

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